There are a couple of ways to transfer your funds from your main wallet (Pinnacle wallet) to your casino wallet:

Featured Casino – after launching a game, a “cashier window” should automatically pop out and ask you to deposit (withdrawal option is also available). In case it doesn’t show, you may access it for both deposit and withdrawal by clicking on “Option” on the upper left corner of the casino window, and clicking on “Cashier”.

Favourite Casino – after launching a game, at the top-center of the casino window should be a deposit box with options “to casino” and “to sportsbook”. Kindly take note that the “to sportsbook” option represents your main wallet (Pinnacle wallet).

On a side note, be advised that you will need to manually transfer your funds from casino to your main wallet if you wanted or is planning to have it cashed out. Closing the casino window will NOT automatically move your balance back to your Pinnacle wallet.