It normally takes up to 5 banking days for a wire to be credited to your Pinnacle account.

To ensure you wire is credited in a timely manner, please report your bank wire using the Deposit/Withdraw section of your account.

Also please check your bank wire transfer receipt to ensure your bank included your unique reference number in the bank wire. Your unique reference number was included in the bank wire instructions provided by Pinnacle. The unique reference number must be included in all bank wires in order for Pinnacle to credit your account in a timely manner.

Without the unique reference number, bank wire deposits are delayed.

If your unique reference number was not included, please advise us. We will forward your bank wire information for further investigation.

Please note that if you provide a scanned copy of your bank wire receipt this may expedite the processing of your deposit. This proof of deposit should include the following information:

1) Bank account the funds were sent to
2) Amount/currency
3) Transaction date
4) Remitter account holder's name
5) Transaction reference/ Additional Info if available

You may also contact your bank directly for more information. Occasionally, a wire is sent incorrectly by the bank or not forwarded by an intermediate bank. Your bank may place a trace on the wire requesting information on its location.  The trace information will also provide your bank with any problems regarding the sending instructions used.  The wire may be amended or retrieved and sent again.

When your bank wire is credited to our bank account, the funds will be added to your Pinnacle account.

You will also be notified via email to your registered email address.