An Asian handicap is a bet on the outcome of a match. There are generally several different handicaps offered for a match, in addition to the money line. Asian handicaps can be either single or double Lines. In the case of a double handicap, the bet will be split in two.

On single handicap bets, the result of the match is adjusted by this handicap to determine if the bet won or not. For example, a bet at -1 on Team A will win if Team A wins by 2 or more, push if Team A wins by 1 and lose if there is a draw or Team A loses.

On double handicap bets, the bet is split up, with half the amount bet going on one handicap and the other half on the other handicap. For example, a bet on Team A at +0.5 and +1 (also displayed as +3/4) on a game that Team A loses 0 to 1, will lose half the bet (0+0.5 is still less than 1) and push the other half (0+1 is equal to 1).

Totals are also offered with double lines. They work similarly to double handicaps.

A bet on under 5 and 5.5 (also displayed as under 5 ¼) will split up in two bets, half the amount will be on under 5, the other half will be under 5.5. If 5 goals are scored, half the bet will tie and the other half will win.

Please find attached information on Asian Handicap results.