Our regular Winter Sports offering is Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Cross Country Skiing and Ski Jumping, where we deal the World Cup Events and World Championships/Olympics.

Lines will often be offered a few days before the start but sometimes we will need to wait until the day before because some of the events depend on previous results. 

For events in Alpine Skiing and Ski Jumping, lines will go offline for Practice Sessions (in Alpine Skiing Downhill) and Qualifying Jumps (in Ski Jumping). These lines will be re-posted after practice/qualifications have concluded.  Please note that Alpine Skiing lines can be affected by the Downhill practice runs and will therefore be offline during these practices. This usually includes events in Super G and Combined events (since they are closely related to Downhill) but will not include Slalom and Giant Slalom lines.

For Alpine Skiing, Cross Country and Ski Jumping the header on the website will include a Codex, which refers to the Codex used by fis-ski.com (the official site for these 3 winter sports) to tell different events apart. Usually the name of the event in the heading should be sufficient to uniquely identify the event, but in case it is unclear this Codex should remove any doubt.

In Biathlon there is no such Codex but the event name is always unique and there should be no confusion which event you are betting on.

Lines are posted at $100 limits and will be open for $200 usually 8 hours before the event starts.