The following is a brief description of a teaser.

A teaser is a special parlay in which the bettor gets a favorable point adjustment. Teasers are available in football and basketball, and may include sides and totals.

The payout for a teaser depends on the sport, the number of teams used, and the size of the point adjustment. We provide up to 6 teams in a standard 6, 6 1/2 or 7 point teaser.

If you choose a 6-point teaser, the line is adjusted by six points for each selected game (-3 becomes 3 etc). If a game in your teaser is either postponed, cancelled or ends in a 'push', the teaser will be evaluated on the games left in the teaser which still have action.  

For example a five team teaser will automatically become a four team teaser and so on. The payout is reduced accordingly.