We can assure you, that the Live Dealer games offered are featured in a safe secure environment, with real professional dealers, at the highest industry standard.

The result of each game remains random as per the cards dealt.

Here are a few items of note that can be observed by each player:

  • The cards are shuffled after every game
  • After a shuffle all decks are cut
  • Dealers change tables on a 30  minutes rotation
  • One card is burned after a shuffle and also on each dealer change
  • If a bad scan occurs, the hand will be cancelled
  • Players can only play one hand at a time.

Please also note the games are monitored by pit bosses, who ensure the games proceed satisfactorily to all customers as in land based casinos.

Pinnacle Live Casino offers a fun, and interactive real time experience to the discreet player who really enjoys the live experience.