Improving the bet placement process

Betting with the best online bookmaker just got easier, as Pinnacle has streamlined the betting process for when odds change between selecting and placing a bet. This much-requested feature means that it’s now even quicker to place a bet, with less to get in the way of you and your wager.

Faster betting, less worries

A recent update to Pinnacle website means that bets on moneylines (1x2s), spreads (handicaps) and Over/Unders will now allow customers to accept odds changes without needing to return to the odds page.

In the past, if there were updates to the odds after a bet had been selected, the customer would have to return to the odds page and re-select their bet with the updated odds.

With this improvement, however, you’ll never have to go back to the odds when there is a change. You’ll immediately see the updated odds on the Bet Confirmation page, and be able to proceed to place your wager (this only applies if the odds remain open, however) from the Confirmation page.

Furthermore, a ticket that contains multiple bets can now be partially accepted. Therefore if bet 1 passes validation but bet 2 has a line change, then we will still accept bet 1.

The screen will show you that bet 1 has been accepted, but bet 2 will be displayed as “pending for resubmission” with the updated odds.

This notification will only appear if the odds have changed negatively for the customer. If the odds have moved in your favour, the bet will be placed automatically using the new updated odds.

You then simply click the 'Confirm Bets' button again to accept the changes to the odds or your stake.

There are a number of new notification messages to improve the bet placement process, but those relating to the way changes in odds are handled, are the most significant.

The changes have been implemented in response to feedback from our customers, and they should massively speed up the betting process – especially for customers submitting many bets at once, and those betting live.

An interface update

Alongside the faster betting update, a small interface update introduces a “Settings” section, which features the following options:

  • Auto Refresh: This feature enables the customer to be able to turn the refresh timer on the Dynamic Lines ON or OFF.
  • Accept Better Odds: This feature will automatically accept a better line, instead of giving users an error notification that the line was changed.
  • There will also be a new Max Risk Tool-tip, which displays a tool-tip to notify the customer what the maximum risk amount is. Please note that this tool-tip is only applicable using Decimal Odds.