Pinnacle on Twitter

Our Content & Social Media Manager has explained how your feedback has helped us improve @Pinnacle and @PinnacleEsports to enhance our customers’ betting experience and why - if you aren’t already - you should be following us on Twitter.

The power of social interaction

“I want to say thank you for the continued support we’ve seen on Twitter. Social media is interactive by nature, which means the @Pinnacle and @PinnacleEsports Twitter accounts wouldn’t be such a success without your help.

I’ve taken a look at how some of your ideas and feedback has inspired what you now see on @Pinnacleand @PinnacleEsports and explained how we intend to continue enhancing your betting experience through our social media activity.”

Market movement & event data

“Plenty of our followers stated that they were lacking the betting data that is crucial to providing them with an edge. With this in mind, we launched our #PriceWatch feature and odds movement charts to put this information at our followers’ disposal. How you interpret this it and whether you act on it is up to you, but it gives a level of insight that no other bookmaker would provide.

While market movement is crucial, it doesn’t tell the entire story, which is why we’ll sometimes provide other kinds of data on a particular match. Whether it’s performance-based statistics, historical odds or up-to-the-minute fixture information, we provide our followers with everything they need to know.

Our #NewLine and #LimitsUp features also ensure our Twitter followers are the first to know when a new market has been posted or the limits of a particular event have been raised. One of our most popular features is definitely the #BetShare where we provide a detailed breakdown of the share of bets on a particular market - this tells our followers what has been the most popular bet amongst Pinnacle bettors.”

Added insight for every bettor

“With over 1,000 articles in its archive, Betting Resources has quickly become an invaluable resource for bettors. Similarly, our eSports hub is renowned as the go-to place for eSports fans with its blog content, latest odds section and in-depth event schedule.

We appreciate that the traditional sports betting and eSports betting are very different and that’s why we decided to provide the content on different platforms on the website and create a separate Twitter feed for those interested specifically in eSports - @PinnacleEsports.

While the subject matter is slightly different, our intentions are the same. We try to educate bettors and ensure they are aware of what it takes to make a consistent profit (regardless of what they choose to bet on). There are articles to suit all learning levels and in addition to betting guides, event previews and help with different strategies, we also delve into psychology and produce various feature type articles to ensure there is something for everyone.”

What else do we have to offer?

We spend a lot of time on Twitter providing our followers with betting-related data and information, as well as a wide range of articles, as part of our aim to help inform their betting. However, we also appreciate the value of keeping people entertained.

Our #PinnaclePuzzle and #Connect4 features provide bi-weekly head scratchers for our followers. Whether it’s testing your knowledge to see if you’re smart enough to be a Pinnacle Trader or seeing how far your knowledge of different sports will stretch, these questions are always fun.

If you ever have any questions about betting that aren’t covered by our usual social media activity, we are always there to answer your questions. If your questions are a little more advanced, you can ask a betting expert directly during a #DiscussionDay or find out what our traders think in one of our regular #TraderTalk sessions.”

How you can help us – and yourself

To know how we can best help you, we’d like your feedback. We want you to think about what you’d find helpful and let us know at @PinnacleHelp. We’re always keen to hear your ideas.